Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Language of Something Higher

Marksy photo.  Click here for full attribution.

Years ago, as an Art student, I learned that churches have a language all their own.  They are not just pretty for pretty's sake.  The best of them teach with every column and icon and golden shimmer.  They are meant to point us beyond our everyday world, to remind us that we were made for something higher than what we see in day to day life. 

I need the language of  'something higher.'  Like someone living outside her homeland, I miss my native tongue.  It is a language of words, yes - but also of the visual.  It is a language of painting,  iconography, music, photography, architecture... which is why, in this little spot on the Internet, there will usually be more pictures than words.

This particular post needs words, however, as I point out the fact that I've now put the 'pages' along the top, just under the Header.  Clicking on any of these will open them for viewing.  I am also placing duplicates of some on the sidebar, with click-on pictures.  Double coverage makes sense to me in this case, because the pages are where we'll find prayers and music and prayer-links.

Thank you for joining in prayer here.  You are prayed for every day.