St. Clare is the patroness of television. She was named as such by St. Pius XII in 1958, after he realized that the word television is Greek for "vision from afar." 

One Christmas Eve, the future saint was too sick to leave her bed to attend Mass. She prayed, "See, Lord, I am left here alone." God then granted Clare a miraculous vision in which she was able to see Mass from afar, as if it were happening right in her own bedroom.

An Internet webcam is no substitute for our physical presence at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and we realize that. For those who cannot be present at Mass as often as we would like, however, we offer the following prayers and links.

Clicking this line will lead to a live webcam of Mass when being offered (Latin). 

Clicking this line will lead to a live webcam of Mass when being offered (English).

"When you are unavoidably hindered from Mass, wrote St. Augustine, 'present yourself in spirit before some altar where the holy sacrifice will that day be offered.  Deplore your misfortune in being at a distance from these heavenly mysteries... make a spiritual communion, unite yourself in every part of this sacrifice to Jesus Christ, and offer yourself to God with Him and through Him.'

Act of Spiritual Communion
'I believe in You, O Jesus, present in the most holy Sacrament.  I love You, I desire to receive You.  Come into my heart.  I embrace You, do not ever more depart from me.  Amen.'

Prayer for the Intercession of St. Clare
St. Clare, patroness of television, God granted you the miracle of witnessing Mass on the wall of your room when you were unable to be present.  We ask your intercession for those among us who cannot be at Mass today.  Amen.