Examination of Conscience
-  Have I neglected God today?  Did I pray?  Have I taken the Name of the Lord in vain in any way?  Have I spoken irreverently of holy things?
-  Have I indulged anger, impatience, hatred, jealousy, or desire of revenge?  Have I been guilty of rash judgements, false reports, detraction, or by any means been an accessory to the sins of others?
-  Have I yielded to vanity or pride?  Have I lied?  Have I indulged in improper or impure thoughts, desires, words, or actions? 

Act of Contrition
'O my God, You see all my sins.  Behold also the sorrow of my heart.  I am extremely sorry for having offended You, because You are infinitely good, infinitely worthy of love, and sin displeases You.  Forgive me through the merits of the passion and death of Your Son, Jesus, and grant me the grace to fulfill the resolution I now make of doing penance.  Amen.'

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'O God, with Whom there is no darkness, keep and defend us and all Your children, we beseech You, throughout the coming night.  Renew our hearts with Your forgiveness and our bodies with untroubled sleep, that we may wake to use more faithfully your gift of life.  Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.'

'Protect us, Lord, 
as we stay awake; watch over us
as we sleep. 
That awake,
we may 
keep watch 
with Christ; 
and asleep, 
rest in 
His peace.'